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Default Re: Are Plasma TV's On Their Way Out?

Originally Posted by m_a_simons View Post
Well gee, maybe it is true.

Pioneer to exit PDP manufacturing

At least you'd think they would have had a press release to refute it by now.
Think I'd wait for a 50" OLED before I'd go with a LCD.
But maybe there will be some nice price drops on Kuro's.
It's not official yet!

The current press coverage was not released by Pioneer so it may be misleading and contains many inaccuracies.

The statement continues:

Pioneer reviews its display business strategy every year looking to maximize profitability and efficiency. At this time, the Company is not announcing any decisions with regards to manufacturing of any single component of its plasma displays. We will announce Pioneer's display strategy in detail at the information meeting in Japan to be held on March 7th and via press release to the rest of the world later that day.

I guess we'll find out for sure tomorrow!
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