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Default Re: Parks Says High-End Entertainment Business to Double in Next Five Years

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I don't know, the HTPC is still a bit unrefined, but this is rapidly changing so you are likely right, pretty soon..
Coudln't agree more - Joel Silver had one of the high-end Niveus Media Center units (think it was the Denali) at our isf training in December and while it worked pretty well it did "hiccup" a couple of times (when switching from the Sencore calibration software to DVD) and I'd be hesitant to recommend it for the average, non-techie consumer just yet. However, it was pretty impressive (as it should be for the $$$$ involved) and can't help but think that there's going to have to be some pretty impressive advances (and cost reductions) in both hardware and operating system(s) before this category is truly "ready for prime time".
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