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Default Re: Oppo to build Blu-Ray player

Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post

All of this mess with you, David Boulet, and a few others make me question WHY you signed up on the forum in the first place. I tried to appeal to you about how and why Jerry came to doing this. Then appealed to you about how other members might feel about this.

And yet, you guys continue to trash talk and do absolutely what the rules, policies and procedures say not to do. If you guys need to get things off your chest because of issues going on in your life, the forum is not the place to do it.

You guys are lucky, because if it were me...................................... .......

How was I breaking rules? I didn't call DaViD names. Kenny saw the exact same thing I did:

DaViD posted with the idea being that because the PS3 used an HDMI interface there was no real difference in PQ and SQ like there would be if it was an Analog connection.

Then DaViD starts denying that was even what he was saying.

I did nothing to break rules. I have however decided not to post here anymore. That should help you out a lot.
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