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Default Re: Are Plasma TV's On Their Way Out?

Nevertheless, the following statements from the CNBC article are significant:
"While it initially targeted sales of 720,000 units for the year ending March 31, it recently downgraded its sales projection to 480,000 units. The plasma TV operations are expected to incur an operating loss of more than 10 billion yen this fiscal year, leading to the major overhaul, the Nikkei said."
Even though manufacturers already expected LCD's to displace plasma market share, their forecasts were way off. Though LCD's have steadily gotten larger, they still aren't as price competitive in the larger sizes, which is where the demand for plasma remains. Even if LCD's continue to become larger and cheaper, I expect there will always remain a plasma market (though perhaps small) among true videophiles, at least until a superior technology comes along. Smaller-scale production and smaller market share may also mean slower price declines.
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