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In my young days when I was pretty much just listening to Motown, and James Brown, The Delfonics, The Stylistics, The Moments (Ray, Goodman, and Brown for you younger people), Kool and the Gang, Mandrill, etc. At 13, I went to a promiently Jewish Day Camp called Bronx House. Where I was exposed to Counrty Joe and the Fish, The Who, Crosbys, Stills, and Nash, and of course Jimi Hendrix and the Woodstock LP.

Having my musical tastes widened and opened, I heard a drummer, and a good singer, Mr. Buddy Miles. At a time when music was music, when music was truly a creative art form, Buddy was a breath of fresh air.

Though, he will be remembered for helping to form "The Band of Gypsys" with Jimi and Billy Cox. I will remember him for that nice mellow voice and funky rthyms. Down by the River is and all time favorite slow tune of his. And "We Got to Live Together" for an upbeat tune.
Buddy Miles passed a couple of days ago, with his wife holding his hand.
He will be missed. Thoughts??
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