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Default Re: The "Dark" Side of Going All HDMI

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
He has the new Denon 2308, it does all the new audio codecs but I understand your sentiment. I had my Meridian 861 connected via coaxial digital to all my sources and then ran video separately. It's a good work around, but once the new pre/pro's come out with the advanced audio codecs, it will be outdated.
Ahh, I missed the fact that he has the new Denon. Still, rather than split, I'd run HDMI into the Denon, and step down the audio format (assuming Denon can) to stereo or mono for those DVDs where he wants "legacy" sound formats - it would still be much cleaner than splitters.

The other (rhetorical) question I'd pose is - do the new codecs provide such a compelling step up in audio processing (and they may) that it is worth risking (potential) video degradation by complicated wiring and use of splitters?
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