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Default Re: Are Plasma TV's On Their Way Out?

Wow, it is amazing how incorrect information is spread.... engaget's article about Pioneer getting out of the plasma business is all wrong.... Pioneer sees no need to produce 42" panels any more... 50" and larger are the target... they are selling their manufacturing plant that makes the 42" panels back to NEC to gain additional capitol and will outsource their glass for the 42" size from Panasonic and Samsung. They will of course make the frames and the driving electronics for those panels. But these TV's won't be true Kuros (black in Japanese).

Plasma has the (potential) of having the best picture quality, and read any review of any of the new Pioneers and you will see that everyone says it is the best display out there... but Plasmas are expensive to produce.... and expensive to set up a plant to manufacture... this is why everyone and their brother is making LCDs - lower startup costs.

Fujitsu stopped making plasma because they fell behind on the development curve and realized that it was too expensive to re-tool and catch up... besides, they have other fish to fry.
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