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Default Re: This is the 2 channel system in my home theater room


"What are all of the brass looking weights and what are they for that sit on top of most of your equipment?

When did you decide to place them there? and why?"

The brass objects are called heavyhat vibration controllers. These along with the maple platforms, vibrapod isolators and cones, and mapleshade isoblocks help keep down any enclosure vibrations from the a/v components that could possibly affect the audio especially at high volume. I listen to movies very loud and being in an enclosed 12 x 14 room everything is subject to vibration. As you see I'm using (2) 200/wpc amps for surround and 250/wpc x (3) for the front L R C speakers.

Believe me when I tell you I can turn up the volume to 80 db and the sound is perfectly clean with no extraneous noise or clipping!
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