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Default Re: The "Dark" Side of Going All HDMI

Originally Posted by wag4513 View Post
Well, my reason is that quite often I donít use the surround on DVDs. I watch old movies that donít have surround available, some werenít even stereo. Even new movies that are dialog driven surround doesnít add much to the experience.

So far as turning the receiver down and using the TV speakers, the receiver would always have to be on since both video and audio signals are passing through it. If the splitters work I would only need to turn on the receiver when I am going to use it.

There is the possibility that some issue will come up with the splitters not actually working as advertised and then I will have to rethink what I can do. I may well be making this more complicated then it needs to be. I sometimes do that.

Thanks for the input, Iíll let you know how it works out.

My Halcro can be turned off and still keep the HDMI connections working, but you have to turn it on first, get everything going, and then turn it off.

Also, I would think even mono through your receiver w/o any DSP would still sound better than TV speakers. TV speakers are just for testing, or for very last resort for me.
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