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Ok the room is completly gutted down to the studs and concret, it only took about 5 hours to move the furniture out and tear everything out and haul it to the dump.

So now I have a few easy questions:

1. Side Speaker placement; 1.) Directly in between the first and second row of seating or 2.) Directly across from one of the row or 3.) Just behind the on of the rows.

2. Rear Surround 1.) Centered on back wall side by side or 2.) Pushed to each corner.

3. There has been discussion about recessing the front speakers and the sub inside a framed cabinet from the contractor for astetics, understanding the brand and model of speaker I go with could matter, but in general is this going to have a noticable impact on the speaker performance?

Right now I am really leaning towards the def tech mythos but based on some reviews really want to go and check the paradigms as well.

And last if someone has time to fill me in if the speakers are only for movies should I be considering the omnidirectional models such as the mirage omd over the directional such as the mythos and if so why? Sorry if the questions are basic but as always any direction and advice is very appreciated.
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