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Default Re: The "Dark" Side of Going All HDMI

Originally Posted by wag4513 View Post
I am adding an Onkyo 605 reciever. While I want to use HDMI to transfer the audio signal to the reciever, I don't want to use it to switch between video signals, unless I have to.

My TV has three HDMI inputs. I have ordered two HDMI splitters. They look like extension cords with two places to plug in HDMI cables. I plan to hook both the reciever and the TV to the output of my Blue Ray and HD DVD players.

If this works I should be able to watch DVDs on the TV and either listen to the TV speakers or use the reciver to access surround sound.

This would also address the issues raised by JohnJ.
I think I remember my tv speakers working when I ran HDMI from the source to the receiver and out to the tv. I don't think you should need HDMI splitters to hear tv speakers. I'll check again this evening.

Maybe JohnJ does not have the volume on when trying to use his tv speakers - obviously if volume is all the down to zero, you will not get any sound either.

Let us know how the splitters work out when you get them installed. I know some of us have had problems with just direct connections of HDMI. It will be interesting to see if you have any problems with HDMI splitters.
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