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Default Re: Which 1080P for sports?

For my money its plasma on fast action sports after side by side comparisons of plasma vs the LED and 120 LCD's.

They are pictures are off just enough to make the experince unpleasant.

For example: watch a hockey game pay attention to the action along the boards. You can't get a clear view of the action or the break outs through center ice. the players jersey's and number are generally illegible..

For get F1 or Indy racing.

LCD's are pretty much good for movies and bright rooms but not the viewing that I want a big screen for in my work in process home theater.

By the way, the thread was getting a little to personal, I"m glad everyone backed off, after all this isn't life and death just one persons preference over another...

What I do like is that I(we) get a lot of input from experts and enthusiasts like myself. And that can be informative as well as fun...

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