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Originally Posted by kiwiaudio View Post
I must admit I hadn't thought about this UPS stuff, but the first thing that comes to my mind is that surely the lamp manufacturers have thought about failure from instant power removal!
Has anyone conducted a poll of failure due to this, or are we touching on the realm of paranoia ?
Not paranoia, not without precedence - room-sized projectors for sales and technical presentations work the same way - a high intensity bulb powers the projector, and you can't just shut them off, the fan stays on longer to cool off the bulb.

The high-end audio place where I bought the TV noted the need for battery backup, and what I consider to be a flaw in design - at the volume they buy, what would it have cost Mitsubishi to insert a component that would power (JUST) the fan long enough after a power-out to keep the bulb from frying? $20? $50?

Also to clarify - my APC unit is NOT the surge protection - the Richard Gray 1200C does that - I ONLY inserted the APC unit for its battery back-up, and do not believe it affects the quality of power to the TV - since the RGPC has already cleaned it up before APC gets its hands on it - power goes from wall==>RGPC==>APC==>TV
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