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Default Re: Which 1080P for sports?

Originally Posted by rlpiii View Post
Wow! Feeling a bit vicious, eh? Does CR employ you? I have never heard someone defend CR with so much vigor. You even threaten a possible defamation suit. CR must be a tender point with you.

BTW, sorry your virgin eyes had to see an incorrect usage of "through." It's not my first typing mistake, and probably not my last.

I think that after reading your nasty, emotionally driven rants, the rest of the readers here will be THROUGH with you.
Hey I didn't threaten a defamation suit...I just said that, "You don't know who is in here reading this".

And emotion has everything to do with this....what are you cold like an ice cube? When you believe in something emotion is at the heart of what matters. When you get behind the wheel of a high performance car...the feelings, the emotions you feel (if that's what turns you on) are what make you enjoy the moment. It's the same for Lotus...I may not agree with him..any I'm sorry if I did get out of hand a bit...having some fun...(at his expense) but let's face it...he is impressed with that is emotional with him otherwise why would he bother defending it, eh? And you know what...maybe for him the feeling he gets seeing the PQ on that TV...that's cool for him...and that's OK!

And let me get back to CR for a want to tell me that when buying a product, consumer experience, MTBF and quality are not equally important as PQ....The one thing that I admire about the Samsung as a manufacturer is that their TV's are really well made. So all things being equal...maybe you would buy the Sammy over the Pioneer just for that reason...especially if you lived in I do, where Pioneer's service sucks! So there...I just contradicted myself too! LOL! But as I know that the person who originally asked the question lives in the well...

Ok Lotus I will back off and apologize...I know I went too far...I was having too much fun...So in the end it's really up to two things emotion and what's best for you...knowing that there are options and knowing what those options are...that's what is important and then making an informed decision.
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