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Default Re: Which 1080P for sports?

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
I put in 2001 a week ago and never saw blooming.

Also the unit isn't at 120HZ.
This guy just doesn't get it! I mean he misses the primary objective of this discussion which is: Which TV is best for sports and in fact we should rename the discussion and since we are talking broadcast sports forget about the 1080P all together....and that is primarily why I choose the Pioneer Elite Kuro 1150 HD....Because you don't need 120Hz (LCD) for viewing sports. Any TV broadcast that you will watch will be at the lower HD resolution of 1080i or 720P. There are no sportcasts at the higher res. So why bother spending the extra money on the "Sammy"? As the HDTV's all upconvert to their native resolution...why would you want to introduce the possibility of pixelization in to the viewing mix by unnessarily upconverting a lower resolution picture? I am sure that even now 90% or more of the BR (Blue Ray) movies are not filmed in the higher 1080P resolution example: One of the bigest hits last year was Transformers....Personally I would even go further and say: Don't spend more that $1K on a real good plasma and save your money. Money that you might want to spend on an OLED TV in a few years when there will be more BR movies available in 1080P. By then OLED will kill Plasma and LCD! Oh and guess what Lotus....I bet that Pioneer 1150 has a superior picture over the Sammy at 30% + savings.....for viewing HD satellite broadcast sports....period.
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