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Default Re: The Martin Logan Purity Review

Greetings everyone,

In regards to my Purity review, I stuck with the iPod for two reasons. First, I was completely blown away by the sound quality I acheived from such a modest setup and second while adding more costly components to the chain did improve sound quality I was hard pressed to justify the need for the enjoyment of the music remained the same. Plus, I feel many ML reviews approach the task at hand as if everyone has a reviewers' system, yet many readers do not have high ticket items like Krell amplification and Hovland pre-amps, yet many seem to have and can afford an iPod. I made the choices I did willingly and deliberately for I felt it would result in the "freshest" review. I always look for an angle that would set my writing apart from the rest. No doubt other mags may give you the full audiophile treatment and do comparisons to other speakers and such but how helpful is that really. Who buys more than one pair of speakers to do their own shootout before returning a pair? No one in my experience does this. However, many ask me to recommend speakers that sound great, look good and require little to know associated gear. Up until now that speaker system did not exist. The Purity's fit that bill and I wanted to discuss them for what makes them truly unique versus writing just another ML review.

As for movies, it is policy (though we do break it from time to time) that two-channel reviews do not have to include television or movie material. I can say that the Purity's excel at both and would not hesitate in the slightest to recommend them as stereo mains in a surround sound setup. Hell, get four of 'em and ML's entry level center and you'll have one hell of a surround sound setup. One that will rival even ML's costlier models from a few years ago. Think Accents, Odysseys etc. They will not outperform the Summits however, for under 3 grand they are absolutely AMAZING!!

I thank you all for reading the review and I hope this answers some of your questions.
Andrew Robinson

Managing Editor
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