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Cool Re: Toshiba Leaves Town Without Forwarding Address

Originally Posted by rlpiii View Post
I still have not received my free HD DVDs I had sent off for in December.
I have forgotten what I picked. If they ever do show up, I'll probably have duplicates since I've been buying a lot at the sales lately.
Wouldn't you know that only because I responded to this thread, they show-up today.
My secretary just handed me a fat manilla envelope that came in the mail today full of HD DVDs.

I chose the following:

Black Rain
U2 Rattle and Hum
Full Metal Jacket

The return address on the envelope is:

Archway Marketing Services
P.O. Box 72699
Rockford, MN 55572

In case anyone is still looking for theirs.

I have not bought any of these yet, so I guess you are out of luck i30krab, sorry, then again, you probably would not want any of these anyway. I mostly likely would not have bought any of them except for maybe U2. . . unless they were in the $4.99 bin.
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