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Default Re: Reference Theater - Del Colliano Residence

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

you need to see Silver Supra's ride! While often used as a daily driver, he gets over 1,000 HP @ the rear wheels with racing fuel and some serious boost, I believe he was running upper 8 second quarters with it.

Believe me I know those supras are monsters. If I remember correctly the bottom end is worth 600-700 hp stock. I searched the site and found Silver Supra's ride. His car looks hot! My car will run in the mid 12s but to go faster I need racing slicks and the car has to lose weight, The thing weighs 3800 lbs without me and I'd have to drop down to 3000 lbs without me to get to the 11s. I've spent enough on the car, I'm done with the mods.
The only things I now do are improving the safety of the car because the drivers in this 24/7 town are lunatics.

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