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Default Re: The Martin Logan Purity Review

Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
I just read the article. Andrew`s reviews, are always thorough, and insightful. And I believe that is what we have here. Andrew did try the Martins with the Hovland tube amp, and those sweet Bel Canto`s. I think what blew his mind, was that there was not a considerable drop in sound quality when using the built in power amp of the Logans, So Andrew pressed further.

Knowing the current marketplace, and where we seem to be inevitably going, he continued the review with that setup. You know, I know I`m not ready for this i-pod, server computerized marriage into audio and video either. Definitely I`m not in any hurry. However, if indeed this is what does happen, (Can you imagine the i-pod being the chosen source for everyone to use?? Boggles the mind, doesn`t it??!!) its good to know that companies like Martin Logan will have products available to continue the high quality of listening that we have all come to expect from the high end industry.

Great review, Drew.
Don't get me wrong I like the review. It just lacked on how it sounded for movies. I think Andrew was confined to space limitations. The iPodness of the speakers stole the review (and rightfully so).
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