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Default Re: Reference Theater - Del Colliano Residence

I drive a 1996 Infiniti I30 which I bought new.
The car has a few modifications,
It puts out 342/FWHP with the supercharger
It puts out 430/FWHP with N20 added

This car is my everyday ride! Considering I'm a 65 yo retired dentist(1991) , most of my friends think I'm a little crazy but hey my favorite school course was summer vacation and I don't care.

If I had my druthers I'd get a Bentley coup but one of my sons is still on the payroll and the market isn't what it was jn the 1990s so I'll have to wait for now. We live in Las Vegas in the foothills of the mountains on the golf course with views of the city at night. For now I have no complaints!

I like your website very much because I've been in stereo and h/t since 1965 when I started with a fisher receiver, Garrard turntable, and AR speakers. Those were the days when it was easier to listen to the music instead of driving yourself crazy listening to the system!

Here are some of the car mods,

350Z mass air sensor
- K&N cold air in take through the passenger side fog lamp area
- Vortech V2supercharger modified with internals from the mustang unit and 3.1 pulley yielding 11.5 lbs boost
- Vortech after cooler modified with 5 gallon tank and 3 radiator coolers and extended cooling up to throttle body
- JWT 60 shot nitrous set up
-(2) Optima batteries in trunk with flaming river emergency shut off button for track

- Griffin custom aluminum higher capacity radiator
- Relocated oil filter using large chevy truck filter
- Royal Purple racing engine oil with heavy duty setrab oil cooler
- Fully modded auto tranny with beefed up gears, oil pump, and valve body, and final drive ratio change
- High stall torque converter
- (2) setrab tranny oil filters with redline ATF and large external filter
- Exhaust, Gasket matched and ported and polished exhaust manifolds, down pipe, and full 2 1/2"
exhaust and custom random technology cat converter
- QTP 3" electric cut out to dump exhaust out the side of the car at a full 3"
- Ported and polished throttle body and extrude honed upper and lower intake manifold which are
ported and polished and gasket matched to the heads
- 350Z 370 fuel injectors with 1 set colder NGK double plat plugs gapped to .028
- HKS high energy ignition amplifier and spi fire coil packs.
- Engine was pulled and balanced and blue printed, heads cc'd, new JWT cam, 9.1 compression
pistons from Dq30DET and heavier valve springs and retainers, Rods were shot peened and
reshaped and polished, and an oversized oil pump from the 3.5 engine fit right in
- Walbro gss342 255lhp in tank fuel pump
- Nismo fuel press regulator and resized 6 an fuel lines
- Brembo front big brake kit and matching rear cross drilled rear rotors
- Volk LE37T Wheels 17"x 7.5 16.5 lbs
- Dunlop 225-45-17 9000 tires
- full JIC Magic Coilovers FLT-A2,
- electro mechanical steering rack with separate control for steering pressure and power steering cooler.
- 4 separate spal engine bay coolers for hot las vegas summers along with fans on all coolers and
vents in front fenders and 2 ventallation grills in hood
- Triangulated stillen strut tower bar and rear addco anti roll bar
- BlehmCo full lower tie rod arm
-tracton bars
6 point roll bar fully padded with 4 point-schroth harnesses
underhood fire extinguishing system (halon) andseparate hand held halon in passenger compartment
custom 3 amplifier 9 speaker panasonic sirius radio
Here are a few picks.

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