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Originally Posted by filmfan View Post
Even though I am starting to tear out the drywall, carpeting, and ceiling today, I plan on taking my time to get everything right, slow doesn't bother me, so long as there is some forward progress in meaningful way. Right away I have to resolve the speaker cable question, as a novice I am getting some pretty stiff sticker shock. I want to have the speaker cable, and any other cables ordered this week, once I know what lengths I will need.
I would also suggest running at least 3" conduit through your walls if you have room in your budget - seeing how you are tearing out drywall. Conduit makes it much easier to install cable in your walls. Also, don't forget to leave a pull line in the conduit as you install, if you go the conduit route.

In my last home, I used 4-conductor Liberty speaker cable that was ~$1.00/ft. and it worked just fine. It was THX certified cable if that means anything to you (I personally don't care about it being THX, I've just seen THX mentioned a few times here.) I am not sure that they still make what I bought, but they do have good cable at good prices.
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