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Originally Posted by filmfan View Post

I would even consider the project if there were load bearing beams or colums. I have built and remodeled enough stores and homes to know a good deal about these things.

I like the idea of a THX type setup but just don't know how to add the second sub, I would imagine that you need some amp or convertor system to get around the single out sub, I need to look at my amp it is THX ultra 2 certified so maybe it is already set up for this, as I said I am not a pro at this stuff, but really enjoy learning and trying things like this for the experience and of doing it and the end experience of watching great and even not great movies in a cool comfortable room.

Thanks for your input.
I am glad you don't have to contend with the load bearing beams/columns. Hopefully your ceilings are not too low either, but that's much easier to work with.

You will need to get a Y-adapter to use multiple subs which is really no problem.
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