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Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
Future proofing has proven to be difficult to impossible.

ONLY Meridian has successfully pulled it off. Theta failed with their efforts (no shock there). Mark Levinson couldn't make the No. 40 be relevant for today's market thus the new preamp called the 502 (coming soon but without HDMI 1.3????). Halcro can't do it. Classe' can't do it. Krell can't do it.... How many more advertisers do I have to **** off here to prove my point!!!

The fact is: you buy gear in a time in history. You make the BEST decision you can to invest in the best, highest value gear and pull the trigger. The idea it will last you forever is flawed. Technology just moves to quickly now.

I do agree with you however at $40,000 - your expectations should be SKY HIGH!!!!! I would want everything.

I owned both the Meridian 861 (about $24,000 as i had it) and the Mark Levinson No. 40 ($30,000) and both were the best in audio and video at the time. But times change and so do high end companies. Expect more killer gear from all of the players mentioned in this post.

I have to say, I agree mostly with Jerry here. However, I would think, especially with the passion and knowledge that Dan has, that the unit she come fully equipped. Especially, (and I know what reasons you all gave me before as to why our receiver company brethren have all the inputs and outputs, and the esoteric companies don`t) since its being inroduced now to the public, there is no reason that Krell, Classe, or any of them, should not at this time, be ready for prime time.

Now, for the rest of you, that feel that the Krell component is cheaply made and built. I saw it first hand, up close and personal. Touched it, played with the remote while listening to my Jazz cds. Its built like a tank. My friend years ago had a KSA-100. Bullet proof. And these Evolution products have definitely raised the bar. So, I would not disparage the Krell product.
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