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Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
FWIW each Mythos ST basically has the Super Cube 1 subwoofer in it (similar output).

You think the Trinity might be too much for your room? why? It was only designed to fill a flippin' church! that thing is a monster as well, like 30" tall and 18 square!

You can easily get away without a sub with the Def Tech's, as I did them in my review, but it will depend on your pre/pro or receiver. For me, I am currently using them with a Paradigm Servo 15v2 sub as that thing just ROCKS for movies!

The adjustment of the sub on the ST's also allows for very easy room placement, you can trim in the sub to account for varying distances from the rear wall so if you need the space, you could put them pretty close to the rear (screen) wall and raise the sub output to compensate.
I love the Servo 15 (haven't heard the V2)! I kick myself evey time I see someone with one. I could have bought one for cost when I lived in Virginia but I had 2 custom subs made - don't get me wrong, my customs has usable bass output at about 18hz but the Servo is just awesome! I liked it so much that I did buy the X-30 crossover at cost (I worked for a Paradigm dealer part-time - I loved that job )
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