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Even though I am starting to tear out the drywall, carpeting, and ceiling today, I plan on taking my time to get everything right, slow doesn't bother me, so long as there is some forward progress in meaningful way. Right away I have to resolve the speaker cable question, as a novice I am getting some pretty stiff sticker shock. I want to have the speaker cable, and any other cables ordered this week, once I know what lengths I will need.

I will look into the cat 6 option right away. All of my HDMI cables are monster cable they ran in the mid hundreds for 6' lenghts so I think those are all good, but of course I have to run around 25' fof HDMI from the pioneer to the JVC.


Yeah I have been to homes that have the bass kickers and did not feel that they added to the experience, I think I may be better served to add the money to my overall spearker budget. I have heard about shackers which seems to be plate that moves the whole chair? That would annoy me in no time at all if that is the case.
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