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Originally Posted by rlpiii View Post
+1. I have not heard of these either.
I have a lot of networking experience and I have used CAT 5 cables for a multitude of things (I made my first component video cables out of Cat 5 and made custom speaker cables out of CAT 5 - some of the best speaker cables I've used ) I have yet to use the converters but people that I have heard use them in the industry have big praise for them and consider the whole Cat 5 thing the greatest secret in the AV world - rarely tapped (maybe because it will drive prices down - hmmmmm)? Cat 5's max data run length is 100 meters - if my memory serves me correctly - but it can become intermittent at this length, but runs under this length are extremely faithful. I haven't heard anything negative about it yet. I plan on using them when I wire through my attic. CAT 5 has been very good to me !
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