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Thanks for your advice in both posts, I have a longer time frame than 3 weeks, I am taking it slow so as not to get into something I really did not want. I have previewed the Deftech Mythos and really liked them as well as the Mirage which weren't bad either. The Atlantic Tech were very good also. Due to living in WY I cannot preview too many without getting on an airplane which is what I most likely will do.

I have also previewed serval inwall systems which I do not like, they are too sharp. I also play guitar and have chased tone my whole life, well since I was ten, so I understand that sound quality and tone are a subjective thing.

I have read that some speaker system and some amplifiers do not play well together, sense I am happy with although not married too my Pioneer, I was hoping that I could get a parred down list of brands and/or models?
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