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Originally Posted by filmfan View Post
My first question is which speakers should I go with, I have a Pioneer VSX84 and the room is 13' x 25' X 8'. . .

. . . Of course the system well be 7.1 or 7.2 THX?
Since you are converting a basement, do you have any load bearing posts or columns in the middle of the room? I know a few people that did a basement to theater conversion, and wished they had accounted for them. From what I've seen, these things are put in horrible places that can make it difficult to design around.

Also, I prefer 15" dual subs. They have a special, unique sound that I like. If you have not auditioned multiple sized subs yet, I would suggest doing so before you buy. If you can, try to go full-range all the way around for your speakers, and keep the same brand all the way around to avoid any hand-off problems and matching difficulties.
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