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Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
3) HDMI is the way to go, that said it has been painful for some, you won't know until you put all your gear into the system, this can depend on the cable as well and I wouldn't skimp on any long cable you might be putting into a wall to feed your projector!
I might be too late to chime in on this, but you may want to consider using CAT 5E/CAT 6 cable to HDMI for your long runs. Cat5/6 is very reliable and can carry the full bandwidth of HDMI. This would also save you some money because by the foot - CAT 5 is much less expensive than HDMI and can carry the same info. You would use a converter at termination - maybe at a junction box at the wall ( a door at the wall that's flush with the wall, this is where you would place the converter and have a HDMI wallport/ceilingport to go to the projector - minimizing how much HDMI cable you need - keeping lengths to less than 6ft per hdmi). This is just a thought.
P.S. You can get the converters starting at $59.00, transfer rate of 2.2gbps for 30 meters over CAT 5, move up to CAT6 and its 50 meters! And sound transfer has been verified (I love using that word lately - verified ).

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