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Default Re: Oppo to build Blu-Ray player

Originally Posted by DaViD Boulet View Post

cool about the HTPC. Before I got my oppo I was seriously considering that myself.

Question: do any of the new HTPC solutions for HD DVD/BD provided decoding for lossless audio? Are there boards with HDMI 1.3 outputs for delivery of AV to display/receiver for those who don't/can't go VGA?
Verified this weekend - TrueHD over analog out at 1744kbps with the new Justice League Movie on Bluray. I'm almost finished with all of my testing. I also bought the full version of Acrsoft TotalMedia this weekend - It's very promising and version .109 is on the way (it will fix problems with 3:10 Yuma and Ratatoullie). What may blow both of these out of the water is WinDVD 9 Plus - I'm trying to get a trial version from some corporate friends at Corel or the Japanesse version. If this is everything that they say its going to be and works??? It may revolutionalize HTPC altogether! HTPC is advancing at a blistering rate and its hard to keep up! The new 9600 geforces are now out (capable of sound over HDMI if I'm not mistaken). They have also made improvements to PureVideo HD (I think these apply to the 9 series GPU's). It will naturally imporve flesh tones and such as to make them more life like (green blue adjustment). It's starting to get very exciting.
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