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Default Re: Reported Post by DaViD Boulet

Originally Posted by DaViD Boulet
"In regards to video, all analog conversion would be handled by the projector or display. "

Do you even know how a BD player works?

If you were right (which you're not) then it wouldn't matter what BD player you had. All Video and Audio would be treated the exact same with no quality differences at all.

even here in the first quote you respond to, I state that I'm talking about ANALOG conversion. No where did this imply anything beyond analog conversion. I was addressing the original poster's confusion/mistake that HDMI carried analog audio/video.

And here:

"HDMI is a pure digital conection for both audio and digital signals. In regards to audio, all analog conversion is handled by the recevier. "

Wrong again. Many more people do have HDMI 1 to 1.2 capable Receivers. The PLAYER does the analog conversion and sends the data through the HDMI cable as LPCM. This is the majority of the market.
Again, I'm only talking about ANALOG conversion in my post. Converting bitstream to PCM is not "anlaog" lotus. That's digital conversion. My point that HDMI is an all-digital carrier that only contains digital signals is correct. I can't understand why you're so blind to what I'm saying which is perfectly plain.
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