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Default Re: Oppo to build Blu-Ray player

No it isn't. TVs and Receivers don't do all the decoding.

I said that when using HDMI all *ANALOG* decoding was handled by the display hardware (video) or audio receiver (sound). That's all. And that's a fact.

You're stating rather clearly that a HDM player using HDMI doesn't have to worry about decoding capabilities.
I'm confused how I can specifically address this, yet you fail to be able to read it. Lotus, the complete comment of mine that you only partially quoted said this:

I would also assume that the majority of users are using a digital connection for audio, whether HDMI or SPDIF... neither of which are affected by the "analog performance" of HD DVD/BD hardware (though of course their digital processing and decoding will have an affect, just as with video).
And I even said this:

OF COURSE the player decodes the compressed bitstream to linear-digital-video.

I never said, or implied, that it didn't.

I never suggested that decoding software/chips for video codecs don't make a difference. Of course they do.

I only responded to someone who was talking about the ANALOG decoding performance of BD hardware, and I clarified that it didn't make a difference when going HDMI.
I never claimed, or implied, that the BD player doesn't provide digital decoding of compressed streams (and other functions) when using HDMI as the signal carrier. I can't understand the grounds for even suggesting something so silly given that we all know that HD DVD/BD players decode the compressed video bitstreasms to linear-digital-video, and that the PS3 (and most other BD players and all HD DVD players) decode Dolby TrueHD to PCM for transmission over HDMI as well. These basic digital decoding processes are obvious and not necessary to bring up in a conversation that was specifically talking about analog decoding. Why you would even suggest that my comments about analog decoding would have anything to do with inferences about digital processes points to your desire to merely pester me with unfounded arguments.

I'm sorry you're ability to comprehend basic comunication in this matter seems to be so challenged. I've been abundantly clear. I've spared you the embarassment of pointing out your multitude of errors about the "insider" information you were receiving and dispensing regarding the format war prior to HD DVD's closure. Please grant me a modicum of respect by not trying to constantly invent falsehoods that have no relationship to the subject of my conversation.

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