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Originally Posted by filmfan View Post
Tomorrow I start the tearout stage for a basement conversion to a home theator, I have done a ton of homework to get ready for this. I would greatly appreciate any advice from others that have already been here and done it.

Some things that I am left baffled on, either from too much info or not enough are;

1. Spearker cables, what brand, should I match the compent cables with the speaker cable brands as with spearkers.

2. Room balance - Due to size I may have to have the rack system to one side of or below the screen, good idea, bad idea, don't even think about it?

3. I have read the HDMI for everything can be troublesome, this is how I was going to go anything to rethink here?

4. Things I still have to buy are seating (brands - comfort over sytle, bass kickers or not), spearker system, cabling, thermo system, racking (or I may build it myself from wood)

5. Things I have JVC HD-1, Draper screen matched to projector, Pioneer VSX 84, all game systems, Sony Blu-Ray s301.
Tomorrow?? Sort of waited until the last minute eh??

1) You do not need to match speaker cables to component cables, but I would try to keep the same or similar speaker wires to all speakers. This will of course depend on what you are using. I have my front three wired in Transparent Reference but haven't put them into the rears for $$ considerations.

2) Many people run the gear on the side of the room, myself included, the only 'issue' this brings up are you'll need different length speaker wires, which is no problem. Ask any wire maker, they will agree. If you recall electro physics, electrons travel at near the speed of light, so a few extra meters on one cable won't make it to be audible.

3) HDMI is the way to go, that said it has been painful for some, you won't know until you put all your gear into the system, this can depend on the cable as well and I wouldn't skimp on any long cable you might be putting into a wall to feed your projector!

4) Just a personal thing here, I HATE bass kickers, they just feel fake to me, others like them, so take this as you may. You have some serious shopping still to do!!!

Hope this helps some and good luck!
Ken Taraszka, MD
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