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Default Re: Which 1080P for sports?

sammy 81's get perfect black when there is no light in the whole area illuminated by an LED where plasmas are never completely turned off.

However, the 1920 x 1080 self lit plasma cells have much more precision when lighting a finer detail light such as stars at night.

example: for a movie like 2001: A Space Odyssey, a flaw such as "minor blooming visible in dark areas" = blooming everywhere in most of the movie.

the individually lit plasma cells can illuminate a single star on the black background where the large area around a star will be lit by one of the 36 LEDs in the sammy 81.

thats just a single type of scenario. you have to weight your movie genre priorities for a theater environment.

But we're supposed to be talking sports here.

yes, sammy 81's have no motion blur (the only ones besides the sharp 91/92's) but only for 24p movies. the 120hz has no effect for 1080i60 broadcasts, which most sports use.

furthermore, the "minor" 6 foot off angle viewing fault is a huge issue for sports. unless you're watching golf, everyone is up and down and moving and jumping and getting snackes etc etc etc. probably 1/3 of the time they are no where near the sweat spot of the sammy and then that viewing angle will become a "major" issue.

so sports still = pioneer kuro

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
To quote CNET "For anyone sitting in the sweet spot in front of the set, watching in a dark room, it delivers better overall picture quality--namely black levels and color accuracy--than any HDTV we've tested so far. "
note: they only reviewed the oldest and lowest model of the kuro line (5080 = not elite, not configurable, only 768p). they still haven't reviewed any of the higher end Kuro Elites.

so, its true, they have not seen a better flat panel TV yet, namely the elite kuros.

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