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Default Room Conversion

Tomorrow I start the tearout stage for a basement conversion to a home theator, I have done a ton of homework to get ready for this. I would greatly appreciate any advice from others that have already been here and done it.

Some things that I am left baffled on, either from too much info or not enough are;

1. Spearker cables, what brand, should I match the compent cables with the speaker cable brands as with spearkers.

2. Room balance - Due to size I may have to have the rack system to one side of or below the screen, good idea, bad idea, don't even think about it?

3. I have read the HDMI for everything can be troublesome, this is how I was going to go anything to rethink here?

4. Things I still have to buy are seating (brands - comfort over sytle, bass kickers or not), spearker system, cabling, thermo system, racking (or I may build it myself from wood)

5. Things I have JVC HD-1, Draper screen matched to projector, Pioneer VSX 84, all game systems, Sony Blu-Ray s301.

Any advice from this point would be most appreciated once again.

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