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Default Which Speakers?

As a precursor I am pretty inexperienced in the ways of an actual home theator build out and all that is going to come with it. I am a video retailer for a day job and absolutly love movies obviousily, so if my future questions seem elementary my apologies in advance, that said there is very little if anything on the software side that I can't answer.

So tomorrow I start gutting a room to convert to a home theator, so I imagine that over the next few weeks there may some questions coming from me, all help and advice is greatly appreciated, and I thank all in advance.

My first question is which speakers should I go with, I have a Pioneer VSX84 and the room is 13' x 25' X 8'. I have looked at Mythos OMD, Deftech ST with 10's for the center and surrounds along with supercube 1 subs. I also wonder if Atalantic Techs are good for the money?

Of course the system well be 7.1 or 7.2 THX?

And in case anyone was questioning the system will be used only for movies.
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