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Default Re: Which 1080P for sports?

Originally Posted by xorbitman View Post
EGO EGO EGO You just talk talk talk talk and act all TEXAS like...big this and big that...what a big shot you you are going to tell me that you divorced and remarried three times because each time you traded up for a younger prettier wife....I don't care who you are or who you even think you are...I'm just glad you don't live up here in Canada....and now you are a copy cat too: I am arrogant...ha ha ha you make me are a pompous @ss.
Calling me names is not going to make you right. All it does is break rules here. I'm sorry but it is arrogance to act like someone has no idea what they're talking about and suggesting they've never SEEN a Vidikron. Calling me names is not going to make you right.

You even contradict yourself...what a telling us that the Pioneer Kuro Plasma is the better TV. In fact the Pioneer Elite 1150 HD has an MSRP of $3,500! That's $1,500 less than the Samsung you recommend! And if you shop around you can get it for under $2,500!
That's significantly below the Samsung for a vastly superior TV!
A 1365x768 TV is not "vastly superior," to the better blacks, better color accuracy, and 1920x1080 of the Samsung. The 110FD has better contrast ratio performance (better mid grays to be precise) and doesn't suffer from any blooming at all. However it doesn't have a better tested black or better color accuracy. Both are amazing sets and in a league of their own.

Moderator: Kevin Miller: You need to close this post befor MR LOTUS blows a vein or a fuse!
If anything gets closed it's because you're calling people names.


That's a link to a review that flat out says best black tested & color accuracy. Now you point to a link to show that is wrong. You can't but you can act "smart," by talking about an 1150HD unit when you had no idea you were talking about their 1365X768 unit!

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