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Default Re: Which 1080P for sports?

Originally Posted by xorbitman View Post
Wrong...anyone with any kind of serious engineering background will tell you that: 1. They are much better than regular back lit LCD's however an LCD panel with never produce blacks as well as a Plasma....Never period.
Wrong. It's been tested. No TV ever made has ever produced a better black:

"The Samsung can produce the deepest shade of black of any flat-panel HDTV we've tested, regardless of technology" that's from CNET's review.

I know this is a fact too. I've tested over 200 TVs in my lifetime. The Sammy does produce the best blacks ever.

I suggest you learn the difference between LED and CCFL before you try and continue this conversation. As for Sam Runco having a problem with my statement we've already discussed it. Yes I have a Runco projector it's a SC-1 and being installed this week even. No it's not a 12' screen.

It's a 20' screen.

I know you're trying to be "smart," but you really can google all you want on color meters, etc. You won't convince me that the test results are any different than they obviously are.

Don't tell me what engineers are going to think. An engineer will want data and they won't argue with it. If the data says the TV does X in black, then it does X.

I'm sorry you feel so irrationally about LCD vs Plasma. Personally I've hated all LCDs except for the Qualia 005s and the new Sammy. I love Plasma and have always suggested them. The new 81 is a different breed.
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