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Default Denon AVR-3808CI Firmware HELP!!

I bought a Denon AVR-3808CI receiver late last year and set it up. Today was the first day that I figured out that I could update the firmware automatically over the web. So I updated it... waited an hour.. looks like it finished fine. But now there is no picture, no sound, no on-screen display, nothing. I scrolled through the LCD display menus and checked firmware status and it indicated my firmware was up to date.

I didn't change any cables or any settings on any other gear. My information on my profile is current as to what components I have.

When I hit status, it showed:

Serial #: 705????????
Main 01.69
Sub 00.78
DSP1 Ver36.56
DSP2 Ver39.45
Ethernet IMG I200801290406
Ethernet BL B200707020733
Ethernet CNE C20080129
Ethernet Web W200801290410
Ethernet Mac 0005cd??????
GUI FPGA Config A070629B
GUI PRG 00007621
GUI DAT 37750008
DGTL PLD 00.50

Any idea why I no longer have picture on my tv or sound on my speakers? I've tried DVD, TV, tuner, NET/USB and no sound or picture on any of them. In case it was just overheated, I turned it off for an hour and unplugged it... still no luck.

Any ideas?!? PLEASE HELP!! My wife will kill me if she gets back from her trip and she can't watch tv.

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