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Default Re: Which 1080P for sports?

"Also most experts I know LOVE the new Samsung tv.To quote CNET "For anyone sitting in the sweet spot in front of the set, watching in a dark room, it delivers better overall picture quality--namely black levels and color accuracy--than any HDTV we've tested so far. "

I have to laugh.....You are quoting CNET? I base my analysis and my debate on facts and articles written by fellow engineers in "white papers" and Engineer association magazines and other rags like "Widescreen Review? ...and you are quoting CNET?

Then you tell me to chill and then proceed to "bash" me on every point I make with moot arguments? Like: "How many people don't sit in front of their TVs? The viewing angle problem is serious if you sit over 6 feet off dead center. How many people do that?"

How many people watch TV alone? Especially sports....usually you have L shaped seating in a living room unless you are Bill Gates. That means that your guests are probably seating at an angle unless you want to be cozy and put 6 people on a sofa made for 2 or 3.

What did you do? Stay up all night googling every web-site so that you could come up with answers for your precious Sammy? What is it? They paying you or something?

Hey I will be the first to tell you that cutsey footsy Sammy is a good TV...I own a brand new 32" myself....but I can tell you it is no where near as good as a plama....better yet I'll stick my head out even more...I will go ahead and say that the best technology is still the CRT...picture tube...too bad it's so balky.

You make laugh: "That and a very, very, very slight blooming of whites next to complete blacks. The shiny screen may be a problem in well lit rooms too."

You go on to contradict yourself and then you go back to supporting your old argument with no facts to back it up....

I just finished explaining "Technically" why a plasma's technology is superior to an LCD's especially in a "controlled" environment!

And you have NOT tested the new Viera sets from Panasonic or you would know that they are testing every bit as good as all the new Pioneer Kuros except for the Pioneer ELite Pro Plasma....among the best TV's out there....Then there is stuff you will never see like the Fujitsu, Vidikron, B & O, ect....No Sammy will ever touch any of these you're price is "no object" theory is dead in the water. I am talking the best set for sports along with bang for the still can not touch the Panasonic...period. And if you think the Sammy is still that good, you have not seen the new LCD sets from SONY and these are better than the "Sammy" now.

And give me a break about this "firmware" many people download and install the latest "firmeware" for a TV let alone what it is and entails....the average JOE here doesn't have a clue about that and could not give a hoot either.

I don't even have to go as far as "white" papers....Just read the last review from "Consumers Reports"....most of us "engineers" in the broadcast industry will tell you that their findings are very accurate.

Now before you reply to me again do two things: 1. Go to a small specialty shop or CEDIA installer and view an Pioneer ELITE PRO Plasma, Vidikron, Fujistu, B & O...etc.

2. Go to a broadcast booth and production/post production studio and watch, ask questions and learn ....then come back here and reply to me....don't start quoting me "googled" articles....that's a failure to execute.
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