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Default Re: Oppo to build Blu-Ray player

No one here is misreading anything. You stated that it was all digital and very much implied that Receivers and TVs do all the decoding.
And that's a fact with no room to dispute anything so why are you harrassing me? ALL DIGITAL is ALL DIGITAL and the reason I stated that earlier in the thread was because I was correcting some misunderstanding by someone that there was an *analog* conversion taking place in what was is actually an all-digital signal path.

NO WHERE did I say, or imply, that digital processing and digital decoding can't affect the subjective quality of a signal... all digital or otherwise. The fact that I've remarked about the potential for audible differences with over HDMI due to factors like dialog normalization and jitter in other threads should confirm that. I merely said that the ANALOG performance of a player was a non-issue when using HDMI or SPDIF... and that's a simple fact.

If we want to have a conversation about the image quality of various decoding chips and algorithms let's have it. Great. Totally different topic than what I was addressing, so you don't need to try to characterize my comments as disagreeing with that assertion when they didn't even address it.

This all because people said there was a SQ and PQ difference between the PS3 and other players. You then said that HDMI made the SQ difference pointless showing you have very little knowledge of how it all works since most people as in 98% of people with HDTVs don't have HDMI 1.3 receivers.

one can only assume that you are indeed intentionally trying to misquote me.

I responded SPECIFICALLY to someone's incorrect notion that the *analog qualtiy* of a BD player was important over an HDMI cable.... which was false because an HDMI cable does not carry analog audio/video, only digital signals. I further stated that while not everyone has HDMI presently, that it's the direction any serious audio/videophile should be headed since it obtains the best picture and sound and so it should be the focus of our discussion.

I would assume that the majority of users with HDTVs on this forum are using HDMI, and if they aren't, that they will be soon with their next TV or recevier upgrade (HDMI switching in many new receviers offers great simplicity of cables).

I would also assume that the majority of users are using a digital connection for audio, whether HDMI or SPDIF... neither of which are affected by the "analog performance" of HD DVD/BD hardware (though of course their digital processing and decoding will have an affect, just as with video). HDMI 1.3 is not necessary for the transmission of digital audo/video to a display or receiver (only HDMI 1.1) unless deep-color or bitstreaming of TrueHD/DTS-HD MA are specifically desired.

Everything I've said is 100% correct and abundantly clear. Please stop trying to misrepresent my communication. If you want to have a meaningful conversation with real dialogue (like talking about how digital decoders and DSP can affect image quality over all-digital-signal-paths) then great. But you don't need to falsely claim that I've denied such principles to do it.

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