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Default Re: Which 1080P for sports?

Originally Posted by rykerabel View Post
xorbitman, i agree, but chill dude.

and the LED backlit LCDs from Samsung have HORRIBLE angle viewing. every reviewer comments on this. until that is fixed, the best lcd imo is the samsung 71 series... which are so close to the panasonic plasma in both PQ,Contrast,Blacks etc, i'd say go with the sammy 71 if you have LOTS of light, go with the panny if you have control over the lighting and go with the pioneer kuro if money is no problem.

best: pioneer kuro
2nd and cheaper: panasonic 77's
3rd and best for bright rooms: samsung 71's

everything else is so close, but not quite there.
How many people don't sit in front of their TVs? The viewing angle problem is serious if you sit over 6 feet off dead center. How many people do that?

If you're serious about your experience and have a nice dark room the Sammy 81 is untouchable in total PQ imho. The combination of the best blacks, best color accuracy and 3rd best grays beat even the Kuro with the best gray scale ratio TV on the market currently. I lived with both in my house and realized I got a better kick out of the Sammy it was far more three dimensional and the color was seductively amazing.

It's not a TV for people who aren't going to sit in front of it. However you can easily get a family of 6 in front of the TV and benefit from it's amazing PQ. It's not for parties.
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