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Default Re: Which 1080P for sports?

Originally Posted by xorbitman View Post
Wrong wrong wrong....sports are better viewed on a plasma:

I'm doing the math! Are YOU doing the math? ....for less than the Samsung you can get the new Panasonic Viera and it's every bit as good as the Kuro.
No. The Panasonic doesn't test out as well as the Kuro in contrast ratio tests or color accuracy tests. That isn't every bit as good as the Kuro. This conversation isn't about money and what is the best "deal," and you don't want to get into that arguement because the best PQ per dollar spent will point you to a Vizio. Once you start spending more money than a Vizio you aren't getting drastically better PQ (but you will get better PQ) until you start spending absurd money like the Sammy and Kuro units.

Everyone in the business will tell you that you can't beat a Plasma when it comes to 50" & + for sports....Plasmas are way faster than LCD and I will tell you why
Lecturing someone who helped design the TV technology is like telling Mozart what a piano is. I have a far better understanding of the TVs than you think. This isn't a debate on whether Plasma is superior to LCD (it is) but about specific TV for sports based on the OP not wanting to deal with "blur," etc. My answer is the Sammy LCD LED flatpanel 81 series. It doesn't suffer from "blur," poor color accuracy, bad contrast, etc.

Also most experts I know LOVE the new Samsung tv. To quote CNET "For anyone sitting in the sweet spot in front of the set, watching in a dark room, it delivers better overall picture quality--namely black levels and color accuracy--than any HDTV we've tested so far. "

To quote AVREV "While I appreciate the versatility that LCD brings to the table when it comes to everyday TV viewing, it has never been my first choice for home theater use, so it was with great interest that I sat down with Samsungís 46-inch, 1080p LN-T4681F to see if the LED approach would finally change my mind."

Which is a sentiment I totally 100% shared (with the exception of the Qualia 005s of the past).

AVREV again "As I said at the start, Iíve reviewed a lot of LCDs over the past few years, and the LN-T4681F is easily my favorite. Iíd go so far as to call it the best-looking LCD Iíve seen to date. It delivers that bright, detailed, grabbing image weíve come to expect from LCD in a well-lit room, yet itís up to the challenge of a creating a rich, well-saturated image in a darkened theater space. High-definition content can look gorgeous, and the TV doesnít stumble when asked to handle standard definition. All in all, the LN-T4681F is worth the price premium in terms of performance, versatility, aesthetics and features."

As the above advantages show, plasma technology has the better picture quality in normal to low room lighting conditions and are better in 4 out of 5 picture quality categories. Plasma technology will almost without exception triumph during night time viewing.
I'm not talking about TECHNOLOGY. This isn't an arguement of Plasma vs LCD. It's the Sammy LED LCD flat panel I'm talking about not 99% of the LCD tech that is out there that uses CCFL. No TV on the market measures better black. That isn't an opinion that's a fact. So it doesn't matter if normal plasma technology usually does better, in this case it doesn't and no TV on the market does anything like it. Throw in the best color accuracy over any unit currently for sale in any TV category and you have an amazing combination.

I agree that Samsung has dramatically raised the bar for LCD TV performance, but the technology still has further to go.
I don't think they can. They may make them cheaper but they will be hard pressed to improve the sets. They push the tech boundaries that LCD is limited to. There is no way for them to fix the extremely slight contrast issues the units have. The original LED LCD the Qualia 005s were sweet, but this is an improvement on the problems that unit suffered from (and it suffered from little). The biggest problem with the set was fixed with a firmware upgrade.

However if I was spending my money on a TV that's as expensive as a 50" LCD by I would get the plasma. In 7 out of 8 categories it is superior to LCD. LCD gets an 8/10 and plasma gets 9.5/10.
I'm not talking about a LCD. I'm talking about a specific TV. LED works much faster than conventional LCD sets, so "blur," isn't a problem at least not with the TVs with the firmware update (and that update is in all TVs manufactured since October which is likely what you'd get today).

The only problem I know this set has is wide viewing angles and a too shiny screen. However if you're sitting in front of it, for the money it provides the best picture possible for Sports, movies, and games. That and a very, very, very slight blooming of whites next to complete blacks. The shiny screen may be a problem in well lit rooms too.

You can get very slightly better contrast ratio tested units (the high mid grays of the unit are a little off) and then it's a matter of opinion you trade better contrast for better colors. To do so you spend more for the Kuro. IMHO after living with both in my house I chose the Sammy.

If I was to pick a TV for my house at around 50 inches I'd go with the Sammy LED LCD sets and invest the money saved from the Kuro in wiring. In fact as mentioned I already made that choice. The Kuro tested better in contrast ratios (but not for better overall blacks) and didn't suffer for slight blooming or halo effects which both happen rarely after the firmware update.

To battle your hyperbole, just about every expert worth a damn has said the new Sammy 81s (after the firmware update) are the best TV PQ you can buy if you're sitting in the sweet spot and don't have a light to interfere with the shiny screen and would label it the best TV out if not for the viewing angle and shiny screen.

So if you have a controlled environment and sit in front of your TV vs to off to the side dramatically then the Sammy is an excellent choice.

The Sammy is just the best TV out right now for those who have a good room for it and sit in front of their TVs. The blacks are out of this world. Each time I watch something and one half the screen is black I get a kick out of it. It's completely 100% for real black like nothing any TV has ever been able to accomplish. This is because that part of the TV is essentially "off," completely. Add the best color accuracy of any TV currently for sale on the market and you got a hell of a TV. The sets also have the best geometry of any LCD ever sold. It's really a hell of an achievement.

The 81 series shouldn't be clumped into a category with other LCDs. The only LCD that should even be mentioned in the same sentence with it is the Qualia 005s (they were $8k) because they were the only TVs done with LED. CCFL is seriously flawed.
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