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I really don't like receivers in a home theater! Having an individual power supply in each separate is enough of a deciding factor. I like my sound LOUD and good separates allow for a wide clean dynamic range. I really can't believe the Yamaha sounds better than the Meridian separates. I didn't notice any wall treatments for room acoustics and this is more important than changing components. In your case maybe you would have a different experience between Meridian and Yamaha with wall treatments and different speakers. Of course I don't know but it would have been worth a try.

If I had to buy a receiver I would get the Lexicon. Over priced but as far as I'm concerned the best home theater receiver on the market

I visited a friend who lives in San Diego in a mutimillion $ home. He had a fabulous home theater with Runco projector. When I asked to see his equipment I almost passed out because he had this crummy 7.1 receiver. When I asked why he replied "my guy is an electrical engineer and he said that's all I need". Needless to say the picture was the best but the sound sounded like ****.
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