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Default This is the 2 channel system in my home theater room

I still like to listen to 2 channel cd's so I use different components but the speakers are the main L&R Mirage M5-si's

Equipment list

Rotel RHB10 200 WPC amplifier

Rotel RHA10 preamp

Rotel RHT10 tuner 16 pre-sets with remote Modified and realigned by Joseph Chow at Component Plus, USA New Albion Dr Gold River, CA 95670

Music Hall 25 CD player Modified and updated by Wally at underwood Electronics

Richard Gray RGP 400 & Substation,

Mirage M5si speakers with the LCY Components Model LCY-100K super tweeters.
I switch speaker cables between home theater and 2 channel.

Audioquest CV-6 speaker cable

Vibration control all the same brands as the home theater.

Pic of Music Hall 25 CD player and Rotel RHA10 preamp

Pics of Rotel preamp, tuner ,and cd player, and Richard gray model 400

Pics of Rotel RHB10 amp

Pic of my 500 HP 1996 Infiniti daily driver, oops, how did this get in here?
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