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Default Re: Oppo to build Blu-Ray player

That he's talking about is that the player decodes the AVC, VC-1 or MPEG-2 video codec ON THE PLAYER and sends it to the display. The Blu-ray player does not send a bitstream video signal to the display. Displays do not decode video codecs.

You guys are completely misreading my statements. I hope not intentionally.

I only stated that the player doesn't decode *to analog* when using the HDMI connection.

How is this not clear?

OF COURSE the player decodes the compressed bitstream to linear-digital-video.

I never said, or implied, that it didn't.

I never suggested that decoding software/chips for video codecs don't make a difference. Of course they do.

I only responded to someone who was talking about the ANALOG decoding performance of BD hardware, and I clarified that it didn't make a difference when going HDMI.

I've stated some basic facts VERY clearly. I can't see how there's any room for confusion.

Exactly. DaViD acts like all BD players are the same because it's digital and uses HDMI.

There is a big difference in PQ from the Denon units and the rest. AQ differs from unit to unit as well. Some decode the codecs better.

I stated that the *ANALOG* performance of various machines is irrelevent with AV when talking about using HDMI connections for audio/video.

That's all. And that's a fact.

Of course software decoding algorithms can make a difference when using HDMI for AV. That's a different discussion and one that I'll be happy to participate in. And I fully agree that even in an all-digital signal path players can look/sound different because of different (codec) decoding and DSP algorithms... all of which have NOTHING to do with a player's audio/video *analog* decoding performance.


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