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Default Re: Are servers the new media?

iTunes already does this function for music. The only thing missing is to add identical interface support to do exactly the same thing for DVDs and subsequent HD content, along with support for a wide range of drives, including the 400+ disk changers. I had a Kenwood changer that could hold 403 DVDs or CDs, but could never get Kenwood to cough up the Technical information needed control it, and grab the title info. They had an absolutely HORRIBLE windows program for this, and they also had an add-on "Entree" thing that cataloged the titles, downloaded cover art, and acted as a streamer for some satelite speakers. That changers' cataloging program was the only reason I ever kept a copy of Virtual PC around. The changer's interface was RS-232 also, and that is more than a bit dated now as well. The changer finally died and I have no reason to keep the software.

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That would be a great appliance that could easily be made from a PC. You would just put your media in the drive and it would automatically rip it to the hard drive at your specified settings, catalog it and set up an easily accessed menu. Now that the AV recievers are starting to come with ethernet capability it would be a great front end for such a media server.
electronics stores such as best buy could then purchase a multi dvd robotic feeder and you could just drop your collection at the store and have it installed on the serve
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