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Default Re: Why Apple hasn't put a bluray or hd-dvd player in their computers

I'm not sure who posted that or even what thread it may have been posted in.

Lotus claimed in this thread that "Oh right Macs don't get games like a PC does", which of course, is a fallacy.

Perhaps a truer statement is "Oh right, Macs don't get those VIRUSES like PCs do"... hehe, but that should be taken with a grain of salt - Macs are vulnerable to attack, especially if they are used to run WINDOWS.

In addition to "Version Tracker" ( and ) there are also resources on Apple's own website for tons of programs and utilities for the Macintosh (, including 3rd party items. There are also ports of open source software, much of it fairly high quality from sourceforge (, and fink project ( There are also good resources for developers on Apple's website as well. (

Originally Posted by luke View Post
TO who ever it was that posted : ' well you know how Apple is with 3rd party software and if it will work.' WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ? I thought you were talking about MicroCOST and that Law suit with E.U. and "Microsoft just released all of its codes for 3rd parties" . I am not sure what type of computer you are using or where you are from but i have a link version for you and you can find 1000s of apps and hacks etc for MAC all the way back to 7.6 ( if you really need too!) Let me know if you can do that with any form of Windows. Little bit of info for you , Nero a windows program for burning cds etc, made for windows way back when . DIDNOT WORK WITH WINDOWS (at first) AND NERO HAD TO GO BACK AND RE-WRITE SOME STUFF , WITH Billy Boy GATES' OK. Also , i have had my own problems with Apple , i m sure some of the readers here know , or have read my post and figured it out. And i do admit Apple is becoming MicroCOST all over again. But do not knock them for any program that is 3rd party and working with its O.S. Go talk to Gates and his gang about all those years of trash they forced on the computer public. By telling people like you Apple and 3rd party don't work together well .. THAT IS THE LIE AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE LIE. Its Gates and his ship of fools who refused to open their doors to the 3rd parties and USA , E.U. etc ! Case in point the just settled lawsuit , MircoCOST has been battling with the E.U. LUKE
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