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Default Re: Favorite Beer? not sure but kinda of a funny story

I 'm not sure what Beer taste like , but i do know some people that have made some good beer , Rolling Rock was good in their green bottles , and Red Cap ale , whenever Ale time was , my Dad use to go to the plant and buy it and there was a place, some place out in Amish country my Dad would buy it . I m not sure if the Amish were suppose to be drinking or selling it but my Dad would come home with it and he and his friends would sit and drink a case of it and sit and play music all friday night . I think the Red Cap was when he would listen to the Radio on Saturdays and listen to the Phillies, Eagles or Rambles (hockey team) lose , then come inside and listen to my Mom and lose again ..." Still tryin' to fix the old car you got suckered into buying for $100.00 and by the way we are having company tonight and its my friends so hide your CHEAP ALE and make sure Luke and his friends don't get ahold of it AGAIN , THEY WILL BE PLAYING their MUSIC TOO LOUD AGAIN ..." Luke
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