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Default Re: New to this forum, how's my setup?

Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
hotchip, congratulations and welcome to the forum. At 24, I had nothing compared to what you have right now. Really great job. I`m sure you are fully enjoying your system.

Tell me, if you don`t mind a little about your speakers. As I`m not familiar with the brand. Are they exclusive to Australia?

Hi, thanks for the compliment The speakers are a local design but can be shipped worldwide apparently, i know the guy that makes these speakers and he said that he already shipped a pair of them off to America a while ago, so i don't think there is any restriction on where they can be sent. They run on a very interesting design whereas the top tweeter and top woofer run in phase and the bottom tweeter and bottom woofer run out of phase. Which basically means that the top speakers start the note/sound recieved from the amplifier and run with it then getting towards the end the bottom out of phase speaker pics up the note. Thats sorta how i got my head around it but the guy that makes them could explain it alot better. Basically they give a great 'surround' feel and the most natural sound i have heard in any speakers to date (i worked in an audio shop here for a while before i went back to painting and decorating, and thus heard a wide range of speakers) They are a pricey speaker but they beat the jamo r909 and they come in cheaper so i'm happy
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